Canadian Website design and
Internet marketing

Is a Website designer in Canada really any different?

Okay, a "Canadian" Website design? Seriously, what unique touch of Canada can there be in a Website page? Hmmm, you ask good questions.

Of course, in many ways, the standards used to create a Website here need to be the same as they are anywhere else. But given the size and diversity of our country, Websites selling to Canadian markets often sell to markets across large geographic markets. Others reach out beyond Canada to the United States or around the world. They need to be responsive to the unique aspects of whatever markets they pursue. They need to be built with the highest standards of search engine optimization (SEO), in order to be seen in their targeted markets. In short, they have to stand out in a crowd, especially when that crowd is spread out across thousands of miles or several different countries.

To meet those standards, the design and SEO jargon can get technical pretty quickly. After all, this really is pretty complex territory. But the technology should never take the place of good old fashioned marketing strategy. We first started designing Websites back in 1997, when most people hadn't even heard of the Internet. And since then we've never wavered from the belief that, while a great Website may be more complex than your other marketing vehicles, the same core principles must be applied if it is to be effective.

Do you have a Canadian Internet marketing strategy?

Before one line of code gets written, there are some important questions to answer:

If you do not already have clear answers to these and other key questions, we can help you develop a targeted Internet strategy to help ensure your Website's effectiveness. We can then create a Website that is strategically sound, and solidly entrenched in the needs and styles of both you and your clients.We also work to incorporate your site with your existing marketing materials and sales efforts, to maximize your marketing reach.

Leading technologies and search engine optimization

Your site should look great, but should never distract or deviate from its central purpose. We strategically incorporate appropriate technologies -- from HTML and XML, to javascript, AJAX, Flash, or the latest coding flavor of the day. We also offer strategic partnerships with award-winning e-learning and content developers, to ensure your site has plenty of meat on the bone.

We also offer SEO -- because your site is only useful if it is seen -- and we excel at it. We have taken clients from below the top 700 to a #1 ranking in Google, for internationally sought keywords in highly competitive industries. We feel good about that, but we'd feel even better if we could repeat the success story for you.

Wherever you are in Canada, we're closer than you think.

You are reading words written in eastern Canada, stored on servers in the western United States, and made available to virtually every country on the planet. Distance is dead on the Internet, or at least seriously limping.

Prefer to discuss your Website plans with someone face to face? Let's consider the possibilities. We have contacts throughout North America and around the world, and also travel very regularly. So, whether you're in St. John's or Halifax or Charlottetown or anywhere between those areas and Victoria or Vancouver or Kelowna, chances are good that we can indeed soon be face to face, discussing your project.

Make sure your company makes the most of the new marketing landscape, by calling us at the numbers below, sending us an email, or requesting a quote.

Lorne Pike & Associates is a member of the American Marketing Association and Canada's Association of Internet Marketing and Sales Inc. (AIMS).

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