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Yeah, Twitter can be a really uplifting place some days. But it gets even worse when you realize those spammy tweets are coming from you.

That really sucks.

Sadly, changing your password will almost never fix the problem. That’s where spam gets completely frustrating for a lot of people; they keep changing their passwords, but somehow the spam keeps on happening. What they don’t realize is that the culprits are already inside the gate.

Don’t give up on Twitter though, or even on your account. You can get things safely back under your own control in just three and a half clicks. Those unwanted tweets are almost always caused by a rogue app that you actually allowed in by clicking okay on something that looked a whole lot safer than it actually was. So all you need to do is just revoke that permission, and you’ll have your Twitter account back under your own control again.

Here’s how…

Click 1: Go to your Twitter account settings

When you’re signed into Twitter, look up in the upper right corner. Click on the silhouette and pull down to Settings. Easy so far, huh?

Click 2: Go to your Twitter Apps

Look in the column at the left, and click on Apps at the bottom of the choices shown. So far so good. Now the third step might get just a tiny bit harder…

Click 3: Revoke the bad app’s access

You might have to give some thought to figure out which app is the bad one, but unless it’s been going on for a long time, chances are very good that it will be the one at or near the top of the list. If there’s anything there that looks suspicious, just click on the Revoke button and you’re pretty much done.

Sometimes it’s tempting to just go down through the list and revoke them all. While you can certainly do that, it may affect some settings that have allowed you to integrate Twitter with other sites you like. So I recommend you not revoke too many at once; one click will usually fix things up just fine. But it’s your account, and those are your choices to make.

Click 3.5: Get out of there!

Technically, you’re already cured, so if you feel great, why hang around the doctor’s office? Click on Home, Connect, or Discover up at the top of the screen to get back where the Twitter action is.

Enjoy your new freedom, and remember to be careful about which apps you accept in the future.

And hey, if this has been of any help to you, please share the cure by clicking on the buttons on the left. Then get out there and have fun!


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       @share market Very true. A quick Twitter or Google search of the app’s name will often let you know if there are any big issues out there. The extra minute up front can save a lot of inconvenience down the road. Thanks for the comment.

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